How do I make it where if you get knocked out 5 times, you get on spectate mode?

How do I make it where if you get knocked out 5 times, you get on spectate mode?

player knocked out → increase count with a target of 5

when counter reached target → team switcher

you have a knockout manager wired to a counter and wire that counter to a team switcher so it will switch to spectator when counter reach 5

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Counter set to scope player and → knockout manager → increment counter → target (5) reached → team switcher → switch to spectator.

can you make a screenshot tutorial? i’m really confused

Here, these are all of the images.

yeah, i did all that. :frowning: it didn’t work

make sure it’s PLAYER SCOPED

Ok…hang on i’m checking it

they always forget the scope.

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every time :sob:

it’s not gonna work for every player if it’s not scoped correctly :sob:

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I did everything and it still does not work

I give up. my game will never work :sob:

Wouldn’t you have to have a counter for every player then?

just have a counter have a player scope

Ok, Delete EVERYTHING you have, now follow the dircetions on here, if it still does not work contact them dircetly.

You could use a counter set to 5 and it only changes based on how many times you Unalive
by wiring a knockout manager to a counter to decrease it
so then wire it to (forgot what device) to then set them to spectator

lifecycle- (listening for knockout) ------> increases counter (counter target value is 5 so it works) and then target value reached (on the counter) --------> team switcher (team switches them to spectator)


how are you testing this system?
if you have a button respawn the player then it would not work, but if you are using an alt shooting you then it should work

I’m just gonna find a solution. I’m just not doing it