How do I make it when you tag someone they drop an item?

So I was working on my map and since there are 2 teams I made it kinda like Tag Domination/Capture The Flag. And when you get tagged I want it to drop an item. So I used the knockout manager and it is listening for knockouts. But you don’t have weapons. So that might be the problem but I don’t know how to fix it. So if you know how to make someone drop an item on the spot they were tagged that would be nice!

Set the tag zone to not respawn the player. Then make the tag zone trigger a respawn. See if the KO manager works from there.

What do you mean by “trigger a respawn”?

Actually, don’t do that. Make an IIM for the item you want. Make it have a limit of 0. Set the overflow behavior to drop. That might work. I could just be hallucinating settings though.

Like broadcast to a respawn device.

Could you walk me through everything. Like what an IIM or the limit thing is? Sorry, i’m not that good at GKC.

It didn’t work. Unless I did something wrong, which I doubt since I did exactly what you said.

It probably just doesn’t work. :frowning:

Okay, thanks for your help anyways!

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@RektRainbow You can grant an item to the tagger, but there is no way to make them drop an item.

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Okay, that will work too. How do I do it?

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Wire the tag zone to an item granter:
Player Tags someone else → Grant Item.


Yes, it works. Thank you, @Blizzy!

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