How do i make it to where when i press a button to hide a prop it shows the prop after a couple seconds

I am trying to make a one way door and i cant figure out how to do it

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Button to Trigger to Prop
Button pressed < Trigger 1 (Then in the trigger, put the delay) and then, Trigger < Show Prop < Trigger 2 < Hide Prop

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(Button) Button Pressed —> (Prop) Hide Prop

(Button) Button Pressed —> (Trigger) Trigger

(Trigger) Triggered —> (Prop) Show Prop

Also, I think it has to be “Trigger,” not “Activate Trigger” because that doesn’t start the Trigger Delay, it only activates it which then allows it to be Triggered by collision or from a wire/channel.


appreciate it thank you

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Eh, I tried.

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no you had it right its just he laid it out in a simpler format


it did not work it did not do anything

Is the prop active on game start?
What are your wires?
It should work.

Screenshot 2023-12-13 5.56.25 AM
Button = hide prop
Button = trigger
trigger = show prop

What is the Trigger’s delay?
Also, your name is showing, might want to blur that out.

how do i change the triggers delay? and that isnt my real name so its fine

It’s in the settings when you click on it. Just click Trigger delay and set what you want in seconds.

Go to the Trigger’s settings and input a delay.
What GimSolver said.

oh thank you gimsolver and Haiasi

What’s a drlay?

Mispelled. Fixed.

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I suggest changing the solution as because that one did not help.

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