How do I make it so when you are knocked out, you can't play for the rest of the round?

The system is kind of similar to how Fortnite works. (I’m sorry this was the best example)

:mag: try

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Either change them to spectator or a different team and put them elsewhere

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how would I do that?

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Team switcher connected to knockout manager
That detects when they die and switches them


it doesn’t work. what do i do?

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What’s your setup?

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Easier System:
(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out > (Team Switcher) Switch Player to configured team

Optional: if you want people to have a certain amount of lives, use this guide:


So if you make a lifecycle hooked up to a team switcher you are able to make it so when a player is nocked out they switch to a specified team

Just like that


And then wire the lifecycle to a teleporter.


First you have to place a life cycle device and a team switcher like this:

Next you need to set the lifecycle so that it looks like this:

Finally, You need to set up the team switcher so it looks like this:

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