How do i make it so when a player kills another player, they gain a point?

Which device tracks this? Try not to give everyone something when they kill another player.

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Connect a knockout manager to a counter so it increments. In the counter, click on the property tab to make it track a property. Place a property device that is set to that property and set the property type to “number property.” In the map options, you can set the tracked score to a property, and set it as the property we used in the counter. Mark this as a solution if it works.

Or you can just make the leaderboard track knockouts in the map settings.


If they kill a sentry, they also will get a point though


Have the sentries broadcast on this channel:


And the KO manager listen for player knockouts, and broadcast on this channel.

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@ClicClac I don’t understand sorry

In the sentries’ settings, there is a option to broadcast on a channel when it is killed. If you want to track sentry kos, you should use that. In the KO manager, there is a option on which type of entity to look for knockouts for. Leave it as is, because it is set to player already. On how to track player KOs, refer to @NavyCatZ’s explanation.

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