How do I make it so when a barrier deactivates a counter goes up by one (cannot repeat)

I am making a game where depending on the amount of secret areas found certain barriers will open. (7 entrances)

Have whatever makes the barrier deactivate to increment a counter. This counter will have a target of one then when reaches target → run pulse

I don’t think you need the target.

If you want multiple things to work then have the target value → increment counter. That is a different counter

Can you give more specifics on how you want the game to work?

It will send a pulse one time once it happens one time and the barrier could be deactivated again and it would only send one pulse

But the counter needs 7 pulses.

Then the different counter should have a target of 7

yes, the counter has a target value of 7 but another has a value of three. how do I make a wire STARTING at the barrier and incremenate BOTH counters when one turns off?

Is this question still unresolved?

the biggest problem is that there are 7 different barrier deactivators but they can be done in any order. how do I make a wire that starts with a barrier?

So Are you asking if they enter an area a barrier will open? if so you could use a system of zones and wire repeaters to when a player enters a zone it deactivated a barrier

I have a thing that will deactivate a barrier, but I need something to sense the amount of barriers opened.

When you deactivate the barrier, broadcast on channel C. The counter should increment on channel C. Connect the counter to a property, and then you can do all sorts of block code to check your number and do stuff with it.

If you have a channel that is say “A” have it deactivate the barrier it could also increment the counter on channel “A”

but all the channels that turn off the barriers are different and all the barriers need to broadcast the same thing! (also counters can only hold one channel)

Use triggers for each barrier. They should all broadcast to the counter.

I can’t use more than 6 wires connecting to the counter!

That’s the device-device wire limit.
Try using channels.
They don’t have a limit, plus they cost 0 memory.

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If you use a wire repeater its possible!