How do I make it so when 2 ppl enter a area a door closes

How do I make it so when 2 people enter a certain area. a door will close. then once one d i e s a button shows up and lets you respawn

IS this a guide? or?

for the door have a zone wired to a zone wired to a counter wired to a barrier. So when the zone gets activated once by each player the counter is set to 0 and when it reaches 2 it transmits a signal and it activates the barrier as the door.


WolfTech u r AWESOME how do you do it?

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I think @WolfTechnology is right and beholds the most simple answer.

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Do what exactly?

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bro, I am really bad at doing wires and stuff anyway u could explain it like dumq style for me?

it’s like u know everything (BTW how do you get your trust level up?)

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sure, so first make your room(any size) out of terrain. Then leave a spot for the door and place the barrier device in that spot. Adjust it to fit the required size of the door spot. Then place a zone on the inside of the room behind the barrier. Make sure you have the barrier set to not activated on game start. Then place a counter and have it set to 0 and target set to 2. Then wire the zone to the counter. The wire should say

when activated–>Increase counter.

Then wire the counter to the barrier.

When counter reached–>activate barrier.

Make sure the counter only increases by 1.

I know a lot, not everything though. I have just been around the forum for quite a long time. And to increase your trust level look at this guide.

Ngl, I have been here for a bit too…
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I know quite a bit

but not a regular

Back on topic tho

zone > counter > prop
[target of 2 reached=show prop]

for wolfytech

I sent you an email :slight_smile:

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Yeah a prop, or barrier would work a barrier is just simpler.


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do you also know how to make it so when a player d i e s in that area, the barrier deactivates?

(laughing maniacally at how tiny ur inbox is >:D)

it is not possible to detect when a player di es in certain areas (unless I missed something) but it is possible to just detect when a player di es in the map itself

oh dang, how do you think I could do something similar though

maybe idk depends on what other mechanic you want to make the barrier deactivate

you can have it to where it tracks when a player is ko’d(with a KO manager) and when that happens, have it wired to the barrier to deactivate it. Not sure if this will work though, i suggest testing it.

can I have the ko manager only mange that area any way?