How do I make it so that when a call to action is pressed, a checker runs to make sure the player actually terminated the sentry?

I want to make it so that there is a conversation between the player and a NPC sentry. The NPC wants to know if the player terminated the ¨bad¨ sentry or not, but I want to make sure that when the player clicks that they did terminate the ¨bad¨ sentry they actually did. How do i make this happen? If anybody can answer this, with a guide of how to do this, preferably with pictures, that would be amazing!!

I just need to know how to do this correctly…

Here would be my design on how to do this.

1.Place down two triggers, I will name these trigger 1 and trigger 2.
2. Make trigger 1 deactivate when receiving on channel “Sentry Terminated”
3. Make trigger 2 deactivated on game start, and make it activate when receiving on “Sentry Terminated”.
4. I presume you are using a popup with calls to action, and in this case I will assume that the call to action you are using to say that you terminated the sentry is the first call to action. Place down a wire repeater, do not touch the settings.
5. Wire the popup to the wire repeater, so when you click on the first call to action, it will send a wire pulse to the wire repeater.
6. Wire the wire repeater to both trigger 1 and trigger 2. Configure the wires so that the triggers will trigger when receiving from the wire.
7. Take the popup that tells the player they did not terminate the sentry and wire trigger 1 to that popup.
When triggered-----open popup
8. Take the popup that says you successfully terminated the sentry, and wire trigger 2 to the popup.
When triggered—open popup
This in theory, should work, tell me if you have any difficulties with this design and I will try to help you/correct my design.
Also, welcome to the gimkit creative forums! I wish you good luck on your creative mapbuilding, and have fun!


so, I am supposed to have 4 popups in total?
one popup that talks about the need to terminate the plant monster that has
two responses -
1(I will go terminate the plant monster!)
2(I terminated the plant monster!)
one popup with the response to “I terminated the plant monster!”

      one popup with the response to "I will go terminate the plant monster!"

      and one popup that is not connected to those three that says that the plant 
      monster has not been terminated yet

is that right?

So one popup that says “Have you terminated the plant monster?”
One popup that says the monster has not been terminated yet.
One popup that says the monster has been terminated. Let me try to get a picture.

Oh right. When you knock out the bad sentry, the sentry should transmit on channel “Sentry Terminated”

all right, so four popups?

This should be, in theory, what the design looks like.


It worked!! Thank you so much!!

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