How do I make it so that there is only 1 sheriff and 1 murd and a bunch of survivors/?

I idk how i make it because even if i set teams to uneven there will be more than one sheriffs or murds?

This guide made by @Blackhole927 should help you:

What about the sheriff because I am making mm2.
Also how do I make it so that if the sheriff does not shoot a survivor they get knocked out and drop their weapon?

Honestly, I have no idea. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: Maybe someone else could help you?

Make it so that there is a counter that counts up and the target how many spots on a team that are left. When a player joins, give them a random chance of being on the team. If they are on the team, then switch the team and increment the counter. When the counter reaches the target, deactivate the random thing to put the person on that team.

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Or, maybe make 2 relays broadcast to a random player on team 1 (the survivor team), and switch the teams accordingly. If the sheriff doesn’t change teams, then do the murderer’s team 1st.