How do I make it so if you have a item, you earn points?

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Make the score track the amount of the item.

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You can use an inventor manager and have it see if you have that item, then run function to earn points.


No, not for the leaderboard but for overlay button.

Use an overlay to track the amount of an item. There’s an option for that/

Overlay and you set the overlay to the item you want.

if you go to the gear, at the bottom, click map settings, go to score, and then set it to track of an item to keep score based on the item amount

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What i would do is have a checker with these settings…(can be any item and amount you want)

set the channel to getpoints…

add a item granter and add your point system and amount but make sure it runs when it recives get points like this…

then add a game overlay with these settings

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How do I make it so you earn an item every second if you are on a certain team? @here.

You don’t need the checker.

its just the way i did it

There’s a tracked item option on the text version of the overlay.

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How do I make everyone but one player on team 1?

You can do either a team switcher or use one of the ways when people make among us maps?


Just look up one of the among us guides

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