How do I make it so if you click a button it disables a barrier for only one player?

I cant send a ss or a vid since im in school rn lol

If this issue still persists, try using channels. Do you know how to use them?

I think it reached the wire limit

nope not at all.
i need more characters

Click Z. Click on the button. Click on the barrier. Select button pressed, deactivate barrier. Click on the word “Barrier” in the wire options. Change the scope to player.

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Click on the button and there should be a “channel” tab, if not look in all options. There should be a setting that says Button pressed, transmit on. Type in Deactivate Barrier in that setting. Then go to the barrier and find the setting called When receiving from, deactivate barrier. Type in Deactivate Barrier.

If you want a more in-depth guide about channels, check this:

You can put gibberish in <> to hide the text inside and bypass the char limit.
Example: <aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa>

if you guys can play i can give u the code so u can help

You can’t post codes here

NO. Game codes are not allowed.

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Codes are not allowed on the forum, however you can make an account and post on the wixsite

alr i can try posting it in there

nvm its blocked:( jvjfvjrjvgbervbjb

You knw if you put any letter in the symbols <> it makes it invisable so you dont need to put random letters.

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Just set the button to deactivate the barrier and set the barrier to only change for a player instead of globally

NavyCatZ is right. This should work. I’ve done this myself, and it was quite easy.
Basically go to scope and make the setting: “When deactivated, who should it apply to?” to player only.