How do i make it so a certain team has the weapon

i need help pls quickly (saying it in a not mean way)

Connect a lifecycle set to game start to a relay set to specific team. Make that team the team who you want to have the weapon. Then, connect the relay to an item granter with your desired weapon.

You can check if there is a shortcut to it by checking the settings of the editing menu and seeing if there is a setting to set it to a specific team, as I can’t check right now. If that setting isn’t there, use the instructions above.

is it ok if i have images because im not really sure what you mean?

nvm i got thanks for the help

wait pls get the images i got confused agian

This is what you have to do:

From left to right: lifecycle, wire, relay, wire, item granter

*the team setting is set to whatever team you want have the weapon
Sorry for the typos