How do I make it show what team you are on in the begining

I am trying to make this fun.

Have spawn pads for different teams be in a room with a text device saying what team you are or have a lifecycle → wire repeater with the team you want on it → popup to have the text team your on, have the lifecycle go to different wire repeater that have different teams and go into different popups.

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send me a screenshot.

I’m on a phone sorry

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I might be able to explain better if you choose either a popup or a room

RaeB not what im talking about like to get the popup that you get when you play tag gamemode.

Ok. First set a lifecycle on game start. Have it wired to a wire repeater with the team 1. Have that wired to a popup that says “Your on team 1!”. Repeat that but change the wire repeater to be a different team each time. Change the popup to be whatever the team name is

Also if you put an “@“ before the name then it will send them a notification! Here is an example @liamdrueke

Lifecycle → Relay on behalf of team 1 and team 2.

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this is what i have so far 1 says team 1 the other says team 2

You don’t need that. Just use the relay solution and it will work. Also, Lifecycles only work for the host so make sure that you use a relay on behalf of the other players.

now how do I make the pop up look like this

Use @raeB ‘s solution

Use the relays to display the text. Also, the echo icon is currently not available. How do I make it show what team you are on in the begining - #11 by raeB

What I am helpful said should work. In the future, can you put the question in the body of the post instead of the title?

Should it look like this.

Yeah! Only if the settings are right though

@raeB should it look like this.