How do I make interactions

how do I make interactions without using any buttons

Overlays (still kinda a button)

Above is a list of the devices you can use.
Wire a zone/trigger to a popup to make a message that obstructs the screen.
Wire a zone/trigger to a notification that sends a little message in the top right corner.
Overlay buttons can be added to a popup, and if you want buttons in any of the four corners of your screen just use the overlay device.

can you provide a screenshot of it pls? also its like this

Well, what exactly do you want me to do. Show all the interactions, or create one specifically to what you want?

thats an invisible vending machine.


Yes please do it! thank you

how do you make it invisible?

in the settings

it should be “vending machine visible in game”.

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This is how you would make the feature shown in your screenshot
Step one:

Step two:


I think this is the correct answer. If it worked, then please mark a solution. There is an entire panel for interactive devices.

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