How do I make everybody's screen go black when its nighttime and make a cycle

I need some help to make a timeline I found one but I cant seem to make it so everyone’s screen goes black can you help me with this system?

well if you grab a bunch of black objects, you can add to a wire reapeater

this wasn’t helpful was it?

I made a powerup in my freeze tag map like this. I just made a HUUUUGE black barrier go over the entire map and activate when someone used the powerup. You can do something like that.

thanks! what’s ur game called I kinda wanna try playing it it sounds cool!

wait when did you add the powerupp sim pretty sure me and my friends have played this multiple times?

It’s been there since the beginning. It’s hard to find though. If you visit the cabin, move the bookcase, and use the freeze ray it will show a paper on the floor. The paper will give you a 5 digit code that you can put in the bottom right corner of the ice maze to find a secret shop. I made it this complicated because the powerups are pretty overpowered

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YOur welcome I’ve played that so many times you just got (+22 views)
I got my whole class to play it lol

Wow, thanks! That’s cool that you’ve played it a bunch. I just updated it the other day. Not anything huge, just making things a little bit better

1 sec brb I need to reply in a little bit

can u add a cool down for the freezer whenever I play with a new friend they follow me and the tagger tags both of us then freeze taggers win!!!

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My bad… Sorry. (I have a cooldown, it’s just not very long) You should mark a solution for this so it can close

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  1. Make a black barrier
  2. Turn of collision
  3. Spread it across your map to make nighttime
  4. Wire it up to something (the device\prop you wire it into is based on your map) so it should look something like this (Depends on the device) -----> Activate barrier
  5. Do the same thing again for nighttime but it should look like (Depends on the device) -----> Deactivate barrier

Btw I’ve been responding to all these map help of your because I LOVE helping people with their maps

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Thanks so much!!! This is a great guide!

Erm :nerd_face: not to be that guy but you should search this topic up before you post about it.

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I found a guide but to make everything black there wasn’t a guide so your “that guy” :nerd_face:d

If you just search day/night cycle or daylight cycle or night cycle or anything like that there’s many guides.

there are 2, and one of them was made today… how is that many?

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