How do I make barbbed wire fence in gimkit creative for my prison game?

I realyyyyyyyyyyyy need help this is a sci project due tomorrow and I rly need help

search before you post please


waddaya mean?

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how do u get just the blackbored lexs?

They are a prop.

click the + button in the top-left-corner of your screen, go to props and search it

arl thx (off-topic) Ill let u know if I got an A+ itl help very much thx for showing me

off topic) yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Yknow you can’t say offtopic and say something random, it’ll probably get’cha flagged

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oh sorry im kinda new here

it’s alright, just don’t do it no more

Im new too everyone is either nice or criticizing me SUPER ANNOYING

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