How do i make astroid task? need help pls

it says in the title

bump because no one answer

I highly doubt you can make an actual asteroids task, so my only idea is to get teleported into a different room, then you get a zapper and have to knock out sentries. Other than that, I think this is impossible.

hey thats a good idea thanks

instead you can make big rocks instead of sentries

huh? i dont get it can you make an example

You can place rock props with damage enabled, then enlarge them.

This is lasers, not as good, but I guess it works

I think RandomKid said that rock props don’t have damage.

Every prop can have damage enabled so they should be able to be destroyed.

Spiders don’t have damage enabled, same with ladybugs.

No, I mean like the Main props, ones that can be used to make the map look more realistic. Not the event style props.

See rocks can have damage;

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I checked and found out that rocks DO have damage. Huh…

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