How do I make an item disappear out of a player's inventory after one use?

How do I make an item disappear out of a player’s inventory after one use? So like a player would have a common slingshot in their inventory, then after they use it once it disappears.

By one use, do you mean using all the given ammo, or just one shot?

I was thinking just one shot, but either would be fine.

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Well, the original shards don’t actually count as items, so you can’t really check for those. What you CAN do is start a timer when the gun is granted, so when the timer is finished, the gun is taken.

Ok cool, that’ll work.

Thanks! Happy to help!

Wait, couldn’t you just have an inventory item manager clear all shards from inventory, then grant 1 of them? Then check if shards = 0? Or am I wrong?

That would work the second time and after if you have auto refill off. The gun comes with a full amount of anmo, even if you don’t grant any.

Wait, so you can’t remove the ones “loaded” in your gadget?

Maybe, require people to empty their gadgets by shooting a barrier to be able to start?

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Great idea! But wouldn’t they shoot each other first?

Maybe teleport them one at a time? Basically use the specific player on a team relay to teleport to a room with the barrier. Start the game as coop, and when a player kills the barrier, switch them to a different team and do the relay again.

Or I’m dumb and set it to coop at the beginning so they can’t shoot each other. Make the barrier have adaptive health.

Oh, I get it. Just put them all on one team to begin with. Great!

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