How do I make an end of game widget for the amount of knockouts in a match?

I’m making a tag game and want it to show which team won, based on who had the most knockouts.

So you want the end of game widget to show the winning team?

yes, based on which team has the most knockouts

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Each time a team makes a KO, increase a property. For another team, increase a different property.

1 Second before the game ends, have a block in a notification (less memory than triggers) to see which property is highest, and broadcast on a channel to activate the EOG widget.

You can also use this to make a “Tie” ending


Create a property called “WinTeam.” Get the end of game widget and set it to “statistc” connected to the property “WinTeam” with the label set as “Winning Team.” Get a life cycle (game start) wired to a trigger with a 0.1 second delay [event occurs → trigger trigger]. Get another trigger with a 0 second delay and create a trigger loop (trigger triggered → trigger trigger [x2]). In the trigger with the 0 econd delay go to the blocks tabs and create a new block.
Use this code:

That should be all!


I completely forgot about the get score of teamblock :p

Give Kosm0 the solution

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I’m great at blocks but don’t even know half of them lol. was js messing around and saw it

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How would you simulate the 1 second before game end thing?

If it’s a tag game, there will normally be a set time amount.

A timer can be set at the start of the game using a lifecycle, then a wire repeater lasting the length of the game, then activate the blocks.