How do I make an Answer Streak INDICATOR?

I know how to do the answer streak: use blocks like this:

But I can’t figure out how to make it know when you had an answer streak but lost it. I’ll probably have to make two blocks, When question answer correctly & When question answered incorrectly, but does anyone know a way to do this, preferably with less clutter? If not that’s okay

my attempt 1, which will be wrong but i don’t want to put too many images

If someone figures it out in the most efficient way I will probably make a tutorial and credit you in the indicator section

How many incorrect questions do you want to be in a row before the answer streak is lost?

What do you mean incorrect? By answer streak I mean if you make 5 questions correct in a row, it starts to indicate your answer streak and says “+6 answer streak,” “+7 answer streak,” so on. Then once you miss just one question, it’ll say “Answer Streak lost!” and after that you’ll just restart with the regular text until you get back to 5 correct questions

Sorry for the confusion

Okay. I haven’t messed with the questioner as much as I should have, so I might be wrong, but the first part of your code looks fine! The way I would set up the code is: Every time you get a correct answer, increment a counter. Every time you get an incorrect answer, the counter is reset. This is the whole answer streak premise.

Connect a property to the counter, and set it to number. Place down a notification that runs block code when a correct answer is gotten. Have the trigger First check if the value of the property is greater than 4, then have it broadcast a notification saying that you have gotten “property” questions right! Copy the notification device wire it to the questioner so it runs when an incorrect answer has been gotten, and change the code so it checks if the property is greater than 4. If true, set the property to 0, and broadcast the message “answer streak lost”. Hope this helps!


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