How do I make a zone that closes in as the game progresses

How do I make a zone that closes in as the game progresses
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Put a whole bunch of zones in square shapes, all of them deactivated in the beginning. Use a lifecycle paired with wire repeaters to create a slow closing. Like every minute, it activates a new zone. Put it so whenever a player enters the zone, it force respawns them. (recommended using channels).


could you show it in pictures

I can describe it clearer. Place a lot of zones surrounding the map. Place a lifecycle device set to game start. Then, place one trigger (I recommend triggers instead of wire repeaters, as you can use channels) for each time the zone closes. In the trigger, there should be a setting for a delay. Make the delay how long you want the time to be between zone closings. Connect the lifecycle to a trigger, that trigger to another trigger, etc until all your triggers are connected. Now, connect each trigger to a channel instead of a wire system as that will get messy. Each trigger should have its own channel and make the set of zones that correspond to your trigger that channel. For instance, the first trigger is connected to the channel “closing one” so you would make the first set of zones activate when they receive on “closing one.”

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now i get it could you just send a picture i want to see if i did it right

Sorry, I can’t get into gimkit right now but you should have a lifecycle that is connected to a trigger, then that trigger is connected to another trigger and that goes on.

The first trigger should send a channel and thr first set of zones should deactivate when they receive that signal from that channel. That goes on for the rest of the triggers.

Something I forgot to mention is the force respawn. Make it so ALL zones send a signal to a channel when a player steps in them. Then, make a respawn device receive that signal from that channel.

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