How do I make a zone bigger over the course of a game?

how do I make a zone bigger over the course of a game?

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Counter timers (search it up), will need multiple of them
When a counter timer goes off, deactivate the current zone and activate the next zone

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Does this help?

I don’t believe that’s possible (easily). You could try replacing the zone with a larger one after x seconds.
(Basically what Build-pleasse said.)

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wait a second…
almost done

I’m confused. I need a more step by step explanation

This is gonna take a while… hold on

  1. Read up on counter timers.
  2. Once you did, set up multiple zones, amount will depend on how long it expands
  3. Set up counter timers, set the repeaters to 1 sec interval, for how long the timer lasts
  4. Connect up the first timer to the first zone, Target Reached > Deactivate Zone.
  5. Then connect it to the next zone, Target Reached > Activate Zone.
  6. Repeat until you have the desired results.
  7. Connect the first timer to the second timer’s repeater, Target Reached > Start Repeater or whatever
  8. Done! Notify me if there’s problems.
    (Note: The first zone is the only zone that is active on game start.

thanks. I will do it

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