How do I make a zone better?

How do I make a zone where you need to stand in it for multiple seconds to activate or deactivate something? I know the deactivate thing I just don’t know how to make a long zone.

I think I’ve made too many.
Screenshot 2023-12-14 8.54.48 PM

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(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Trigger) Trigger

(Zone) Player Leaves Zone —> (Trigger) Deactivate Trigger

(Trigger) Triggered —> (What device you’re using) Activate Device

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Wouldn’t it just be that once you go in the zone, you just wait. You don’t have to wait in the zone?

Yes, it starts the Trigger countdown and once it is Triggered it Activates the device of your choice.

How do I make it so you have to be in there the whole time?

(Zone) Player Leaves Zone —> (Trigger) Deactivate Trigger

It deactivates the Trigger when you leave the zone so you can’t just enter the zone and then leave to cheese/break the game.

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Deactive the same trigger right?

Same Trigger.

Ok thanks!

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