How do i make a zombie apocalypse

i need help making a zombie apocalypse but i cant make it that it picks someone and then spawn them in a zombie area

Use a team swithcer to switch a person to a ZOMBIE team

but how do i make it randomise it

tag-domination is reserved for guides.

Wait… let me think. I need to experiment for a sec.

@Cellofive do you know how to do that random thing?

Random player relay.

what is that mean???

use this to make a randomizer

No, random player relays work without that

Just don’t use the tag domination tag for help posts

Sorry, I can’t think today

Maybe if you put a teleporter that isn’t activated under each spawn pad, that would teleport the player to an area that for example says: You are the zombie. But then just use the randomizer and put one of the activations channels for every teleporter, if you don’t understand, you can ask me and I will clarify.

oh okay thank you for the help

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Add bombs as a weapons

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