How do I make a trigger where if 3 events occur at the same time it makes an event

Im trying to make a boss where if three channels are active at the same time it will make a boss

Maybe use some sort of checker system?

Channels transmit for an instant, not a continuous broadcast. Making them consistently go on is complicated.

Make a trigger that has a delay of .05s. It should trigger itself on “Tick”. Make a global property that broadcasts on game start trigger that trigger.

That system will start the check every .05s. Make a trigger for each channel. Each one is inactive on game start. Make each channel activate one of the three triggers you just placed. Chain each of the three triggers (make trigger one trigger trigger 2, and so forth). Trigger 3 should make the boss, and the first trigger should receive on “Tick”. Now, for each of the triggers, make it deactivate on “Deactivate Trigger [#]”. Put the trigger number in for [#].

Now, make three triggers, each broadcasting on the channels to deactivate the other three triggers. Make each one have a delay of .1s (you can change this delay to have the leeway a bit bigger if you want). Make the one broadcasting on “Deactivate Trigger 1” receive on the one that Trigger 1 receives on. Do the same for 2 and 3. And now you’re finished!

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this seemed to help me but I’m looking for a solution where all three channels need to be on, not like a 1, 2, 3, activate but if one channel turns on it increases the property of a counter and when its a 3 the boss will spawn. hope this makes sense

this entire thing is based off of the apocalypse bird from lobotomy corporation, where if all three birds are released a boss will spawn

That’s what this does. It deactivates the trigger like right after.

well you just wire up something so if that thing happens it turns on the next thing to the next thing

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