How do I make a trending map

How do I make a trending map. What are the steps, and what type of maps will be trending.

I recently posted a trending map called “Escape the Rising LAVA!” One of the most important things is to get a thumbnail that will catch someone’s eyes

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your map should also be something someone would want to play over and over like have multiple levels

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But what should my map be. I need this to go trending

1.They have a good thumbnail
2.The maps can be won/finished
3.The map are blocked in

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Make it look good. Add decorations and other things.

But what should the gameplay loop be. What should the map be?

That’s up to you. You can decide what your map will be.

I need an idea that will go viral and be on trending. It should be fun and addicting bc of how fun it is (not gamboling simulator)

You could do some kind of tycoon map.

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