How do I make a timer that counts the seconds of a game and converts them into minutes and seconds and seconds?

My brain is not functioning right now

It doesn’t show seconds…

Hey your back! Where were you?

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I just got back to school yesterday.


Maybe try using something like this?

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To convert seconds into minutes:

floor(seconds into game/60)

I made an in-game timer not realizing that was a block lol

Does that mean it’s resolved? If so, then mark a solution!

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I need it to include seconds as well. I know this is possible because @mysz made it

This works, but is there an easier way to not use up to 30 blocks?

This works;


Nevermind it does not work…

I changed the “equals” to “greater or equal to” and combined them all into one if statement. Then, it finally worked!

Nice! You created and simplified the solution all by yourself! Looks like you didn’t even need us!

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Yeah, sorry for bringing this to the forums.

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I’m going to make a guide on this.

Good idea!

Sometimes, you just need to write your thoughts out to collect them!


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