How do I make a team vs team game like snow brawl>

I want to learn how to make a game like one way out and snow brawl combined as one game but I don’t know how.

You can’t have two team options but you can set the team option to Free-For-All and add sentries around the map for players to knockout.

Maybe half of the game is One Way Out and half is a SnowBrawl game?
(Using Repeaters and Teleporters)
Maybe have a no-fire zone so players can’t shoot each other in the One Way Out phase and have them kill sentries to earn cash to upgrade/buy weapons in the SnowBrawl phase?

Welcome to the community by the way!

yeah ok because i just got done with the tutorial and idk really how to do any of that.

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What is that??? I just got gimkit a month ago, so…

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is there a way we can get in a game together?

perhaps make the game free for all but all the sentries are still on one team

Be on this if you have not already:

what does this do?


It allows you to share games that other players can j0in and help you build and what not

how do i make this website compatible with gimkit?

Its not really, its just a way to share codes when we cant here

It’s not and you can’t make it, this forum was created with a platform called discourse.
Go to

to learn more

hey AverageMale can you make a game using one of your creations to see what you’ve made?

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Sure, did you j0in the wixsite

if you mean did you make an acount? i think i did

which one did you j0in?

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Ok then click j0in on the code sharing one

it currently says pending