How do I make a tagger in my creative map

Oh ok because i was so confused when i lost my level 465.

Gimkit resets your level every season.

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Yes each season is said to be around 3-4 months at a time, and evryone lost there level.

For them to drop their weapon, you need to make this contraption wherever they get their weapon. FIRST: Clear all bait from the players inventory using an IIM Have this IIM connected to property X . SECOND: Grant them X bait. X should be different for every type of weapon, and every rarity. Then, on knockout (If KO managers don’t have blocks, use a trigger), broadcast on channel( get property [ X ]). Then just place down an item granter for each possible channel that can be broadcasted on. Each item granter should grant one of each type of weapon. For example, the common zapper is referred as 1. the item granter that grants the common zapper would grant the item when receiving on 1. Hope this helps!

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Can you get every character in the game?

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Hey you get not impossibled


No i have a lot but not more than 30 as of right now, but lets please stay on topic so we both don’t get flagged.

This only grants the same item every time though…

Please refrain from discussing things out of Gimkit Creative. Repeated offense might cause you to get suspended. I will not flag you as you are a new user.
Just keep that in mind :slight_smile:

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yeah but it was to closest thing to his question and there is no other way that i know.

yes every new user needs to be warned and read the guide lines so they know thre rules.

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Ok thank you for the warning

This is why Gimkit creative and Gimkit is so fun

I just spent fifteen minutes describing how to make it work… did you not read it? :sob:

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No problem. Also, we should probably stop chatring in this topic so it will get closes by @system.

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Your welcome i would recommend reading the guide lines so you know the rules.
Here is a link to read them;

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Um im not sure, but lets stop chatting on here…

I’ll test it in the morning. What it basically does is 1.) Give the player an unique number of an item to tell what the weapon is. 2.) Takes that number and references it to broadcast on the correct channel, and 3.) Gives the knocker the correct weapon. I may have messed up on the block code, but other than that, it should be solid.


Nice, so this would be handy for gimkit fortnite stuff, or battle royals.

So i did what you guys said but it gave everybody a weapon

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