How do I make a tagger in my creative map

Now place a tag zone with the entire map radius and the team that can tag people is Team 2.

Try this guide to tag

One of theses should help you with single player tag, also if you wnat to know one part of how to do it, just make two teams and make 1 person team 2 and the rest team 1, then make team 2 allowed to tag others.

I think this might be too difficult for him… (no offense)

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yeah, it is a bit of a difficult request.

I did it now thank you guys.


No problem. Also don’t forget to mark a solution.
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Your welcome, let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

Can i make it where if someone is out they stay out and drop their weapon.

As in turned into a spectator?

Yeah because i don’t know how.

There is no current way to do this. However, you can place a Knockout Manager and go to “all options” and you can choose the weapon to drop when a player is knocked out where they got knocked out.

Thank you for the help again

you can change them to a spectator, by when they get knocked out they change into a spectator. but they will not drop there weapon, that may colflict the code, you will have to see for yourself.

Place a lifecycle.
Make the setting player knocked out.
Place a Team Switcher.
Make the switched team spectators.
Wire the Lifecycle to Team Switcher

Player Knocked Out > Switch to configured team.

If you want players to have a specific and number of lives before they get switched into a spectator: (although it might be hard for you)

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Wait how do I do that

This is how, i can also find a guide for you.

Here, this is the exact answer to your question.

How to make a knocked out player drop a item, and turn the knocked out player into a spectator (Difficulty: 🟨)

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Ok thank you have a wonderful day or night and why did GymKit reset the levels.


Your welcome, and gimkit reset the levels because of the launch of season 1 and the season pass.

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Oh ok because i was so confused when i lost my level 465.