How do I make a specific team drop a certain item?

I am not smart with GKC devices

let me cook something up real quick
all I can tell you right now is that it probably uses relay and ko manager
I need to find the way to use it

Place down a KO manager. When a player is knocked out, run a check to check if they had an item on them (all players on the team you want to drop items should have items). If the check passes, grant the player who knocked the other player out an item. This is probably really confusing, so I’ll get pictures/bug fix this in the morning.

Oh yeah this is for a merder mystery map so I’m wondering how to make the sheriff drop the weapon when he sh00ts the wrong person or get k!lled by merderer.

like what do you mean liek once they get ko

use a ko manager and have the settings on the map drop item when ko


but that would make everyone drop it when they d!e . i just want the sheriff to drop the weapon

You want everyone in that team drop an item?

Maybe look at this?


oh wait nvm I didn’t think about what you said you were right though thank you

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anytime and thanks for the solution helps out alot

any problems ping me for help

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Ok thank you

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