How do I make a sentry that only attacks if you’re holding a certain item?

Hi guys! I’m new here!
Just wanna know how I’d go about making a sentry that only attacks if you’re holding, say, a zapper.
Keep in mind, I said HOLDING, so if you’re holding it and it isn’t just chilling in your off hand

I dont think you can, but if you use a zone, and have it track the item, then activate the sentry, that should work

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Coffee is right. You could use some psuedo-teaming to get the sentry to only attack certain people, but as far as I know there’s currently no way to see what the player is holding specifically.

@Noise-Chan have a checker, if the check passes, activate sentry or deactivate barrier

Maybe have an overlay that says “Hold Gun” or something like that? This would then grant the player a gun. But the drawback is that the player can easily switch back to their main hand. Maybe, to avert this, have an overlay on the top that takes the weapon away and it would hide any overlays that appear when the player is on their hand.

Basically, the user HAS to input when they are holding their gun, and HAS to input when they aren’t.

That might work, thanks!

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