How do I make a sentry be able to spawn again after you kill it?

I have a setup where when you press a button, it spawns a sentry. But, when you kill it and press the button again, it doesn’t spawn again. I want it to. Is there any way to make that happen? Thanks.

Did you put a repeater on your contraption? It should rerun the function.

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You can set the spawn time inside the sentry in its settings.

I only want it to respawn when you press the button again, though.

That is why I said but a repeater so it will repeat the code, so when you press it should respawn.

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The repeater runs at a time interval, not at a push interval, I guess.

Ok, but there is a way to repeat a function, give me one sec…


How about you set the respawn time to a sentry to “0”. Wire the sentry to the wire repeater so that when the sentry is knocked out, it repeats the wire pulse, and wire the wire repeater to the sentry, so that when the wire repeater receives a pulse it de-activates the sentry, and when a button is pressed it activates the sentry.


All that iI can find on the forum is timed sentry spawn, but let me ask a guy who is a wizard at code. @Blackhole927 I need you to help me with this. And @Brett I am sorry but that is all i can find.

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I have a solution too.

I know that’s what I thought, a repeater but will it work when a button is clicked?

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I’ll try that and see if it works. Thanks guys for your time.

No problem, and if @mysz solution works mark it as the solution.


None of these work.

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Wire the button to the sentry so that when the button is pressed, activate the sentry.

Wire the wire repeater to the sentry so that when the wire repeater receives a pulse, it deactivates the sentry.


Is the wire repeater supposed to be connected to the button and the sentry?

What happens when it’s deactivated? I only want it to disappear when it’s knocked out, then respawn again when I press the button again.

The wire repeater is connected to only the sentry. The button is only connected to the sentry too.

When it’s de-activated, it’s basically just the same thing as being knocked out.

Need to go to lunch, I’ll be back in a bit.