How do I make a seeker get a button every 60 seconds that tracks a hider and it runs for 4 seconds?

how do I do this @Im_Pretty_Cool “A feature that I added is every 15 seconds, a button would appear on the Seeker’s screen that said “Track Hider”. And, if the Seeker pressed it, a waypoint to a random hider would appear for 4 seconds, giving the Seeker a little hint.”

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And the waypoint is kind of bugged; You just need to set the waypoint to player, or it doesn’t work at all.

  1. Do you only want help from @Im_Pretty_Cool
  2. How many hiders do you have and if more than one do you want the seeker to see all of them or just a random one?

The game overlay (button on screen) should have a cooldown of 15 seconds. That part is easy. Make sure your seeker is on a different team than the hiders. When the game overlay is pressed, have it run a device system: game overlay → relay (random player on hiders’ team) → activate waypoint. [1] The relay should also trigger a trigger with global scope. It’s delay should be 4 seconds, and it should deactivate the waypoint.

  1. This interaction isn’t affected by the golden rule of waypoints, so it works as intended. ↩︎

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