How do I make a repeater start running at the very start of the game without interactions?

I want to make a countdown timer that automatically starts counting on a counter at the very start of the game. How do I achieve this with the repeater, or are there other ways?

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You need a Lifecycle Device, Repeater Device, and the Counter device you want to count on.

Place down a Lifecycle Device. It should already be on Game Start, so there is nothing to change there.

Wire the Lifecycle Device a Repeater Device. For the Lifecycle, choose “Event occurs”. For the Repeater, choose “Start Repeater”. This should start the repeater when the game starts. But wait! The Repeater doesn’t do anything yet! Lets change that.

In the Repeater Device, keep scrolling until you find a setting named “Task Interval”. I’m going to assume you want to count down in seconds, so set that to 1. This will make the Repeater tick every second when it gets activated (by the Lifecycle Device). Now wire the Repeater with the Counter Device you want to use. For the Repeater, choose “Repeater runs task”. For the Counter, choose “Decrement counter”.

And there you have it! When the game starts, you will see the timer tick down. I can also show you how to make a event happen when the timer reaches 0, if you want. Hope this helps! @Chagic


Wow, you explained that really clearly! Thank you so much, this helped me out a lot! :smiley:


No problem! Glad I helped! ^^


You could also go into the game settings and make it so that the game has a time limit