How do I make a random player go to a different team? (Resolved)

I’m working on a tag game, and I don’t know how to make one player a tagger.

like at the start of the game?

Use a lifecycle, a relay, and a team switcher.
Wire the lifecycle to the relay and then wire the relay to the team switcher.

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Yeah sorry I’m typing this part cuz it has to be 20 characters

explain for me please to help ya out

explain in detail for us to help you out

What @Ultimate-Gimkit-Guy1 wants is for one person to be switched to a random team.

Thanks wanna help me with it?

Lifecycle (make sure it’s on Game Start) → Relay (random player) → Team Switcher (the team you want)

All these are under the Devices category. Arrows are wires.


uhm sir but no codes in the forms allowed please remember that

That’s literally what I just said.

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you didn’t have the settings

read closer

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The idea is still the same.

So? What’s the problem with that?

Ultimate-Gimkit-Guy1, what do you not understand about it?

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I want help designing the map, and I also want help making a spot where players go when they respawn and then they get kicked out eventually

I just dont know how to make it tbh

Also, I’m just starting making my game, so can anyone help with beta testing?

Lifecycle (player knocked out) → Teleporter (teleport player here) for the spot when respawn.

Can you elaborate on the ‘kicked out’ part? For example, what action causes them to be kicked out?


codes arent allowed on the forums tbh

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