How do I make a property change for one player/team when a counter reaches a target value?

I can’t figure it out!! I’ve tried everything I can think of!!

Welcome to the community, just make the property’s scope “Team” =, and whenever the property changes it will only apply to the team.


If you need help actually changing the property then, what is the counter’s target value and what you want the property to change?
I my previous post solved your problem then please mark a solution.

I am making a freeze tag map. When the tagger tags everyone, the game ends, because when the tagger tags everyone, the counter reaches its target value. Before the game ends, a trigger is triggered and the taggers score, a property, should change to 999999. However, it won’t work!

Hmm, can you show me the counter and the property’s settings? (As well as blocks if you used them)

How do I show you these devices?

Take a screenshot and when you comment push the 6th button on top and attach the screenshot.


On the left, I have the counter system. When no unfrozen runners are left, it triggers the trigger to the right of it. This works. This trigger should make the tagger’s score gigantic. Here are the two things I’ve tried:
This does not work.
FYI, the property “Freeze Tagger?” becomes true at the beginning of the game for the tagger. “Score” is the property for the score.
This trigger also triggers the trigger to the right, which ends the game after one second so the property has time to be updated.

make sure your property is set to number

It is. Also, the first screenshot should have been this:

that seems way more complicated then it needs to be can you tell me the basic idea on what it is supposed to do?

When everyone is frozen, the game ends. This works. It also sets the tagger’s score to 999999. This does not work.

just have the property update when the game ends through channels

Wire counter to prop change

I did! It has to update for only one person, the person on team 60.

I just discovered that it works when I test it with only myself, but not with other players in the game too!
I tried changing the property “Freeze Tagger” and all that applies to it to numbers, but that didn’t work! In fact, it meant that even when no other players joined, it didn’t work, so I fixed it.

are you using a lifecycle?

Am I using a lifecycle for what?

I figured out an alternate solution: an end of game widget that shows if IT won!

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