How do I make a pond that you can fish in?

Does anyone have a simple guide :green_square: : I prefer.

Check this out, it might have some useful guides.


You could put a button on water that says “fish!” Connect it to a loot table, and have it grant the correct items accordingly. If you want, you could also have a popup saying what you caught.


Do you want a pond where you can get only one type of fish?

add item givers and make the give different kinds of fish in different spots

Unfortunately the only guide for that right now is an orange difficulty. If you want to only have one fish that can be obtained, you can just connect a button to an item granter

No I want it like fishtopia


You can’t really make a fishtopia fishing style system without using block code…so unfortunately, that is not possible, unless maybe you use a fluctuating counter to determine what you are fishing up, but yeah, what NavyCatZ said.

yeah im just doing a button and item granters


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