How do i make a mini game map with a vote system to vote for the games

I already looked up if there are any topics on this and there arent

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It’s kinda of like amoung us voting. How did you want to design it? The more things you want people to vote for, the harder the code gets.

That’s not really true…

Okay, the way I set up my map voting system, the more stuff you have to vote on, the longer the code gets.

Oh lol. A loop is the best way for multiple options.

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I didn’t feel like adding in a loop just to check for one of two options.

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So i just think like 3 mini games to vote every round

so first how would i make the minigames? i wanted to do at least 5-10

Make a popup that transmits on a channel when the call to action is called, for example the first call to action is named “Mini game #1” then you would do when clicked transmit on: “Teleport #1” there would be a teleporter in the minigame area, that is set to teleport the player there when receiving on “Teleport #1
(If you need ideas for minigames)

  1. Scavenger hunt
  2. Maze
  3. Tag
    Some of the games in this guide might be good for mini games:
    {WIP} Fallguys in GKC

so thats for the fisrt round, if i wanted to add lets say 8 games how would the voting change or randomize?

Make a randomizer that transmits on for example:
Choice #1 and so on,
Make that channel activate a pop up, create different popups for each choice.

ok, then do u know how i would make games like hold the card and become invisible?

counters will have to have a target value to make anything happen

Ok thanks for your help guys

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