How do i make a meter counter like the one in only up?

In only up there is a meter counter at the top left of the screen. The higher you go the higher the counter is. If this was already something that you guys talked about can you tell me how to do it because i don’t know how to make one.

Hmmm. well I don’t use platformer because I don’t have the season ticket… probably someone else can help with this. Welcome to the Forum @Fourlastdragon!

Welcome to the forums, @Fourlastdragon! When I was using platforming, there wasn’t any device that could do this. The only thing I could think of is using a bunch of zones and a property but that is hard work, tedious, and very memory consuming…

you can’t do it yet. You could put a zone in EVERY ROW OF SPACE, but that would take too much memory. Basically, at this moment, it is pretty much almost gimpossible.

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Yeah probably just mark a solution if you’ve found your answer

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