How do i make a mario block

I need help making a mario lucky block.

wait which game mode is this, cuz if its platformer then i have no idea

platform but there i just want a design no mechanic

ohh ok then welp here’s my simple design
do you like it?

oh thanks. i never thought about just using text

nahh I used a barrier (the device) and text, not just text.
im gonna make an updated version too @FNaFguyLP

oh ok thanks, Im suprised i never thpught about just using the qeustion mark

If you’re making a Mario game then you should also add the brick blocks you know what I mean?

smart Lilmonke, SMART. :brain:

ok @FNaFguyLP i got the updated version of the question mark block, hope you like it!
is it good, bad, in the middle maybe?

Oh yeah it’s better now, the shadow on the question mark looks good.

thank you @LilMonke321

maybe not make it lime but yellow?

yeah but i also need help with that because making custom things is confusing

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dude thats awesome nice job remembering the little sqaures on the edges

how did you make the shadow

ok @M13TheCreator i gotchu

this is as yellow as i could make it

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i made the shadow by just putting black text slightly above the white text, then i put the white text on the “above” layer, so the black text wouldn’t appear as above the white text when i move the white text and when i use the white text

i gotchu with da bricks

please put me in the credits of your game


oh okay, that was smart