How do i make a game where i want a different score other than knockouts or item amount

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What do you want to keep score with?

I want it so players can keep score when they [blocked word] a blastball into a goal

IDK, maybe wait for more experienced people to come help.

in this case, you would use a property:
get your ball capture zone, a counter and a property

make a property:
name: (honestly doesn’t matter)
type: number
default value: 0
scope: player

make a counter:
starting value 0
scope: player/team (depending on your setup)
property: yes
property name: (the same one as the property)

now connect the ball capture zone to the counter:
ball enters zone —> increment counter

now go to map options —> leaderboard —> type —> property —> the name of your property

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Thank you chrysotom :slight_smile:

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