How do i make a game detect when there is one team left

I’m trying to make a 4 team battle royale game and I’m trying to make it so that the game ends when there is one team left.

Make a counter and set it so it starts at 4. Make its target value 1. Then, place a knockout manager and set it so it listens to player knockouts. Connect the knockout manager to the counter so each time it is triggered, the counter decrements. Get an end-game device and connect the counter to it.

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wouldnt that just make the game end when 3 people die though?

@the_floor_is_floor made a 4 person battle royale game though, so unless they want to add more people, this is what they are going for.

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oh i misread it as 4 team lol, sorry.

my bad, i meant to say 4 teams, sorry!

Bump because unresolved