How do I make a freezer? (like from ftf)

if anyone could help me make a freezer like flee the facility, i could really use it.
(after a certain amount of time the person inside freezes)

It could be a built in button that searches for the player closest to you and sets their speed to realllly slow. I don’t think you can actually freeze people completely though.

use a barrier
color it a light blue
use two stadium ad bases and place them above and below the freezer
remove the shadow for the one on top

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thx for replying, but i meant like, a system so that once the person is in the freezer for a certain amount of time, they freeze.

oh, ok… thx for replying though

give me some time and I’ll cook one up for you

A counter. Player scope. When player in there, every second, +1. When reach target, eliminate player.