How do I make a energy system question sets pickable by the host

I am trying to figure out this.
other games have energy systems like that and I want it to

If you add a questioner, gimkit does the rest for you.

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Okay so, you need a Game Overlay, Questioner, and a item granter, and finally a Movement Meter… connect the questioner and game overlay to make a clickable button, then connect the Questioner to the Item Granter so it grants the selected item. Set the movement meter to whatever item is granted by the questioner

I already have the system, I just need to know how to make the set selectable by host.

so it is just already done?

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oh. LOL… like @getrithekd said, just add a questioner and gimkit does it.

erkay! the forums are so useful!

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Your welcome, have a nice day.

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