How do I make a damage register, if it is possible?

So I want to make a healing system, in which you have to wait a certain time until starting to heal. The problem with that is it needs to, as I said, to wait some time after getting damaged. I’m not sure how to make that. Anyone has an idea how can I make that?

So like you can actually hook up lifecycle, repeater set to 1, a health granter and make it heal you by +1.

There isn’t any practical way to do this other than granting players shield cans or med kits.

By the way, the idea tag is for people asking for ideas to add to their game.

Yeah, med kits are a pretty solid option. 2-5 seconds of startup (never used them, forgot the timing), and if you move AT ALL, the timer stops.

The shield can is 2 seconds iirc for each can and the med kit is 5 seconds.
(Although there is a glitch where if you click on the use button multiple times, it instantly gives you health, might be patched, idk)

And me and rektrainbow abused that glitch in snowbrawl tournaments from the wixsite


You can just use life cycle, repeater, and health granter, se the health granter to add health only and +1 (your choice), and repeater set to stop after recieveing on channel, and time for it is 1 second. Wire lifecycle to repeater, start repeater, and repeater to health grant, repeater runs task and then grant health.


Please delete the LOL off your post, it is unnecessary.

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