How do I make a cutscenes where the view goes from a sentry to a character

Needed for my Need More Heat knockoff

so what do you want it to look like?

When The kid in Need more heat asks the one guy to fill his pool with lava i need the camera to go from him to the guy who fills the pool with lava as they talk.

whenever the kid talks (aka the player) camera goes to the player, but when the other guy talks the camera goes to him

Im using popups as ways for them to talk btw

@MrMan you could try teleporting the player to the exact same spot as the guy who fills the pool with lava than teleport the player back when the camera is on the player. Do Not Link the Teleporters together at all.

Good idea but I don’t want the player to be seen while the other guy is talking but I might be able to try

Place a barrier on the above layer so that you can’t see the player

Hmm… idk than, @MrMan

I said the above layer, so it is above the player…

why’d you delete his post???

Oh alright…

I deleted my post @MrMan

Also show a Snapshot(If you can) when it works @MrMan


This is what it currently looks like (the vortex agent is the other guy)

okay, pretty accurate for the most part.
This is what your basing off of right?

itz impossibleeeeee to change views from sentry to a playerrrrrr -_- (tired schmired and its not even 10 pm yet)

You going to want to make the too areas, one where the player is and one where the sentry is. You will want ti use camera zones to create the personal feel.

Now you are going to want to teleport a player from the player spot to the sentry spot when the sentry is talking and vice versa for when the player is talking. Now make a barrier that us on the above layer and place it over the tele-porter so it covers the player but not the sentry.

Sorry i forgot to post the draft

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