How do i make a custome weapon so like someone enters an area u press a button they get shot

ok so i am building a castle for some people but idk how to make the weapons also how do i make it so that a camera view show more instead of less>?

You can’t make custom weapons as of now, but you can suggest them to the suggestion site. As for the camera view thing, that’s currently impossible. If it’s a large issue, try making the map smaller.

Read the first post reply. You can also suggest on this site:

To make the Camera View show more, click on the device and click the “ Change Size “ button in the bottom left.

You can also ask Gimkit at

actually u could make a type of customer weapon just get a button a laser a wire reporter and that stuff then once the button pressed laser shoots there for a while then laser runs off press button again shoot that spot again and if u have multiple buttons u can shoot multiple spots i have done the laser thing before just hoped there was a better way

You can’t make it so that the players see more, but you could make it so that the players see less in other parts of the map.

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question 1: use lasers. make them invisibile

You would need coord systems for that

You could make a cannon using them, but no custom weapons yet (crosses fingers)