How do i make a checkpoints like the ones in dont look down

I’ve checked everywhere i cant find out how to do it?

Use the checkpoint device. It’s in the Devices category.

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Use the checkpoint device and change its size.

yea but i want it so if a player fall on the ground the person responds to the beginning

Use a zone or a laser (and put them on the ground)

zone > respawn

Or place lasers with the highest damage

just use a zone at the bottom that is wired to a *respawn device
*not sure if that’s what it’s called, I can’t remember

ill try @Cellofive right now

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@Cellofive do i use checkpoint or respawn?

If you want them to respawn when they fall to the ground, use

zone > respawn

And yes, that is using the respawn device.

@Cellofive i need more wires but it doesn’t let me use more then this much

No, make the zones larger and use channels

what should i put in the channels?

Whatever you want
But make sure it respawns the player on that channel

ok im trying it now @Cellofive

ok thanks so much it works @Cellofive

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@RedPandaArtist are you done yet?

which channel @Cellofive?

Whatever channel you make it.


mhm i do fam!!!