How do i make a button dissapear when it is clicked

I want to make its so when I click the button it is erased but only for that player

I’ll give you a walkthrough. Just a second.

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Button → wire repeater → same button. When button pressed, repeat the pulse and deactivate button.

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Adding on to this post, make sure the button activation/deactivation scope is player @Geoffrey.Nafeygmail.


Team blue tag team walkthrough! Yeah!

thx navy, clic clac

actualy i dont understand what clic clac saidn

Walkthrough time. Just a sec.

So first of all, when you try to connect something to a button, what are the button’s wire options?

Button Pressed > Repeat Wire Pulse
Wire Pulse Repeated > Deactivate Button

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Grab a button and a wire repeater. You got it?


Can we go slower? I want to make sure geoff does a part of this himself so he learns.


For example, try connecting a button to another button. In the second button’s wire options, what are the settings you can select?


ok button wirer repeater got it. And thank u navy I would like to learn too. I am clueless when it come to coding this stuff

activate button decativate button

You see the option to deactivate it right? The problem is, devices can’t connect directly to themselves. Guess what we use to solve that issue?


qire repeater but hold up. Basiscly what I have is a butto and an up grade. teh only way to get to the button is to open it. I already have it so when I unlock teh upgrade teh button is activated and I can clcik it but i want the button to dissipera when it is clciked

You can’t make a button disappear when it is already visible, did you mean deactivate?

hold on and i’ll show you

Since you can’t connect a wire from the same device (applies to all devices) twice,
You connect the button to the wire repeater
Button Pressed > Repeat Wire Pulse.
Wire Pulse Repeated > Deactivate Button
The wire repeater in the first wire sends a signal to repeat the wire pulse back to the button to deactivate it.

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